In this tutorial, we are going to show you things you can do with Evernote that will skyrocket your productivity. Although, it is impossible to list all the things Evernote can do for you, we will list the most important things that will make any average person super-productive.1.
If you think it is not that productive, try implementing it in your daily life, and you will see how helping all this can be. There is also a chance you may have multiple notes that belong to same scenario or category, and could be better organized.

This is where Evernote’s Merge notes will help you keep things neat.As the name suggests, Merge Notes will merge the selected notes into a single note.
You can use Evernote to take snapshots of any business card, and Evernote will create a digital business card out of it.All the details on the card will also be saved in your Evernote account, thanks to the OCR technology (optical character recognition) of the app. If the code in the text is not provided, your account will not be opened.We have just touched the tip of the iceberg, Evernote can help you with almost anything in your digital life. There is just so much more to discover, all you need to do is jump in and explore how it can affect your digital life.

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