Japanese-inspired decorative style should take its cue from the culture's influences honoring simplicity and natural order.
Japanese style focuses on subdued muted hues and shies away from colors that are bold, brassy or bright.
A traditional Japanese accessory is a Shoji screen, a simple wood or bamboo frame stretched with rice paper.

The goal in designing any Japanese interior is to radiate a sense of calm and serenity by balancing clean open spaces with orderly presentation and harmonious arrangements of furniture and accents. Bolder strokes of color may be used reserved and used judiciously for accents; a bright Japanese fabric screening may be a featured wall art and its colors repeated in silk accent pillows upon the bed or a side chair. You can also use a Shoji screen to divide a large room, to create an entry into the room, or to hide a closet area; or use a Shoji screen front of a window as a simply traditional Japanese window treatment.

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