Recently he was in Rajkot for his seminar on ‘Trainer Training Program’ through which he is now preparing trainers like him. At that time I had read a book “Power of Subconscious Mind” and was inspired by the same and thought to apply it on this lady.
This incident clicked me and made me feel that if I learn more about this power in detail, many things can be done. He is also planning to establish ‘Mind University’ where he will carry over all mind training progarms, motivational workshops etc.
I explained her power of subconscious mind, she agreed to practice the same and to our surprise she was recovered from blood cancer without any treatment. Now you have come up with ‘Trainer Training Program‘ under which you teach people to become trainers just like you.

One can understand the power of Visulisation,but due to lake of imagination power if is very difficult to imagine what actually he wants.
On u tube I found very creative visulisation clips but it is not as per indian culture .I hope you understand that what i means to say, please do if possible.
He has helped many individuals and corporate sectors achieve their desired goals through the motivational workshops that he organizes regularly at various cities in India and abroad. Once enough trainers are developed under my guidance, I will be able to operate the entire movement by living in Ahmedabad only and thus with family. Once the trainers have gained some experience, I can enroll them as faculty in Mind University. Hence, if I have created trainers who carry forward my vision, movement will keep going on.

This desire introduced me to this field of mind training with which I accomplished all my dreams.
In INDIA we meditate at Bodhgaya Mahabodhi temple & Bodhi tree, sacred space of Buddha´s Enlightenment.

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