Lit the candle, bum on zafu, mudra, back straight, breathing40 minutes, mind a bit more unsettled tonight. Perhaps the most essential and important way to open up your body and mind is to relax your body and mind. We want to introduce meditation as a practical and easy tool to tune out the chatter and check-in with yourself for more awareness, presence, and peace. Raja Yoga Meditation is based on a coherent exploration of the nature and qualities of the soul and the divine. Through discussion, meditation and reflection, creative activity and exercises, this day retreat will take you on a journey to explore the power and influence of thought and the impact of positive attitudes.
Facilitator: Sally Fitts, LCSW, is a Raja Yoga Meditation teacher, professional counselor in private practice and certified Nurtured Heart Trainer. There are many different meditation methods that have evolved over many years, more about meditation techniques later, but they can all be categorised by the form that the meditation process takes.

Visualization Meditation is when you imagine going on a journey or when you meet a spirit guide or animal. Transcendental Meditation, also known as (TM) became very popular in the 1960s due to the Beatles interest in the technique.
Listening Meditation is a process in which you keep your eyes open and listen to what is occuring around you.
If you train yourself for four to five minutes every day, you will be prepared to overcome different challenges in life and also concentrate better while practicing Third Eye Meditation. However, we also find peace of mind in letting go or surrendering the bonds of resentment, hurt feelings, old baggage. Even if you are caught up with several activities, you must spare a few minutes for meditation.
Fern combines movement, breathing and meditation to facilitate the integration of soul and body, which helps to ease into a state of health and wellness.

Harsha specializes in creating a very calm and clear environment for others to experience deep meditation and insights. When we learn to understand and harness the energy of the mind, we are able to master our lives and produce those thoughts that give the most happiness and fulfillment.
With proper meditation and good techniques one can open their third eye which will ultimately affect their pineal gland.

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