At some stage during midlife, you may begin to feel dissatisfied with the way your life is headed.
If you get anxious or unhappy just thinking about work, that’s a pretty good sign that a midlife career change is on the cards. When work starts affecting your health, either mentally, physically, or both, it’s time for a midlife career change. If some or all of these signs apply to your situation, then maybe it’s time for your midlife career change!
You have all the skills and resources to make a midlife career change or start your dream businesses at midlife if you want to. I actually believe that Mid-lifers are in a perfect position to make a career change and continue to elevate themselves up the ladder, as well as increase their income.
Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox! Changing career direction is scary at any age, but when half of your career is behind you, and you find yourself suddenly in the job market, it can be downright terrifying. Teaming with a counseling psychologist increases your chances at determining your next career steps and achieving them. People who choose to make midlife career changes (midlifers) are typically overwhelmed with questions and confused.

Midlifers who have a strong identification with one career or industry may be unable to see themselves in any other field even though they want change. The strategy for moving in the direction of a new career will include both short- term and long-term goals.
Before you begin the journey to a new career, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.
While you’ll almost certainly have some new skills to learn, your second career may actually allow you to use some of your existing resources in different, unexpected ways.
I went through this some time ago, and decided on a midlife career change,  so I speak from experience.
When you’ve outgrown the position and there is no opportunity for advancement, or you work at the same job day in, day out without any opportunity for growth, it’s time for a midlife career change.
They’re even looking for people who have job hopped here and there, because history shows that employees who have job hopped have a more well-rounded career experience which leads to more proficiency and a higher level skill set. They often suffer from a lack of confidence about what they have to offer, and question their ability or the possibility of finding a fulfilling career. Teaching job seekers to recognize and stop their negative inner talk, and replace it with positive talk allows midlifer to disconnect from old beliefs and start building new ones. Career transition counseling will normally begin with a series of aptitude tests to determine the subject's personality type, and uncover any hidden passions or interests.

Today, it’s unusual for a young worker to stay at the same job for more than a few years in the first decade of their career. Typically, these individuals have spent the first half of their careers accumulating the money necessary to provide for their families, and as their family starts to grow up and move on, they seek a different, more meaningful path of employment. In addition to finding the time and money to make the commitment to your program, you need to find one that fits your personal learning style and career needs.
You have an amazing opportunity to change, to choose the direction you wish to take.  Midlife is not the end of the story, step into this brand new phase of your life, it’s just the beginning! He is also the founder of Conquer Career Course, where he teaches students how to increase their salary, build a career with longevity and become unemployment-proof.
The counseling psychologist enables and encourages all of these invaluable skills, skills that are often too overwhelming for midlifers to manage on their own. It’s also becoming more common for workers to make a midlife career change, and completely switch gears after spending half of their adult life in the same industry. Or, it might mean seeking out people with similar career goals by attending special interest groups, conventions or other professional gatherings.

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