This work offers a wide range of tried-and-tested activities to engage disaffected students and ensure that they have a successful learning experience. In 1985, Jan and I had been corresponding for some months without ever meeting – all quite distant and correct. Even after their medical debts were retired, money was still an issue for a family of immigrants with three kids – two with special needs.
Jan showed me a great deal in the following years about the tradition of books as the meeting place of art, craft and ideas – where printmaking intergrades seamlessly with the worlds of language, typography and illustration.

Minority languages, on the other hand, carry an emotional load that can scarcely be exaggerated.
Through the use of a variety of approaches and techniques, including emotional literacy, NLP and learning styles, this resource gives practical examples of how to engage disaffected students and ensure they have a successful learning experience.
The book outlines the causes of disaffection generally and looks at a range of syndromes and conditions that may give rise to disaffection, offering support strategies that will encourage the engagement of such students. The book also outlines approaches for helping students to self-manage their behaviour and learning.

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