This half day Mindfulness Workshop will introduce you to mindfulness awareness practices such as sitting meditation, mindful movement and interpersonal mindfulness.
This session is for absolute beginners to mindfulness and meditation as well as those who have their own practice but enjoy meditating with a group.
Our next workshop will take place at the end of March and our next meditation meetup is on Wednesday 11th March.
Artistic Director, Philip Ilson and Programme Director, Jo Duncombe introduce you to the 13th London Short Film Festival: from cat videos to filmmaker retrospectives, from 38 new UK short programmes, to dedicated documentary and international screenings. London Short Film Festival is helping to support Jameson First Shot for its second year in the UK.
Gathering of Minds is pleased to announce the first in a series of weekend-retreats on July 4th at Gilwell park. We intend to build a close community of like-minded people over the weekend (spaces are limited to 30), and ask that all attendees prepare well in the run up to the event so that they get the very most out of it.

Those of you that have been lucky enough at Gathering of Minds to experience one of Mohan's powerful guided meditations. This meditation will be based on experiencing the 'Elements' of life on earth - Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the binding element in all, or consciousness that is Ether or Spirit.
In harmony with the lucid dreaming experience, you should make sure that while at the retreat weekend you spend as little, if not any, time with your phone or other 'worldly distractions.
A guided Chaka healing and Cleansing Meditation to prepare the physical body for the new frequencies, expanding the heart centre and allowing more light to flow through the physical body raising the vibration and letting go of any old 3rd Dimensional energy that no longer serves our highest good.
Earlier this summer, I spent one of the most amazing and healthiest travel weekends of my life at the Four Seasons Baltimore. This group is for busy people who would like to experience the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation and to share this experience with like minded individuals. Join LSFF for a weekend of short film viewing, industry discussions, and fiction filmmaking labs, all held in an idyllic setting in the Kent countryside.

Join a host of 70 participants alongside filmmakers, industry partners and live entertainment for a weekend of film, discussion and networking, all in the beautiful idyllic surroundings of the Darent Valley.Taking place at the Quadrangle Trust, just outside Shoreham in Kent, which is a short, inexpensive train ride from London, but feeling a million miles away!
This will not only get the Cacao into the bloodstream faster but will also charge up the aura and spirit body in preparation for the Shamanic meditation that takes part later in ceremony.
There will be guided meditations as well as other workshops and seminars to allow mindfulness to grow in all aspects of life, such as mindful eating and mindful walking in nature. Immerse yourself in to the weekend, knowing you are in the practice of, and enjoying with other like minded people, ancient techniques and traditions that have been handed down to support and encourage this dawning of a new way of being for those of us willing to begin the process of change within ourselves.

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