What you are about to hear is a short audio track designed and prepared by Professor Chris Thorpe (formally of Staffordshire University), of whom worked closely with three of the top audiologists in Europe to produce this soundtrack. The meditation can bring you into deep, peaceful, inner silence either through making your own vocal sounds or by just listening to and feeling the sounds within you. This meditation uses vocal sounds made during meditation along with music to open and harmonize the chakras while bringing awareness to them. Osho Active Meditations combine certain activities like shaking, dancing, jumping, humming and others to lead into silence and meditation.
The most comprehensive guide available to all the Osho Active Meditations, plus a variety of other techniques offered at the Osho Meditation Resort in India, and at Osho meditation events around the world. The Goal of the Practice of Surat Shabd Yoga (Inner Sound Meditation): "Upon merging the mind with the Sound, there remains only the consciousness, free of the association with the mind.
This is a 10-hour non-stop music video for meditation, an autogenic training for body and mind connection through white noise, in this case the sound of rain.
The sound of rain falling is considered a natural form of white noise and, known to induce relaxation and sleep.
As we can read in the description, it’s possible to use this video for several purposes like meditation, yoga in nature, to help you sleep, as healing sound and much more.

Drift away to exotic locations, from sandy beaches to lush forests, with these beautifully relaxing Meditation Soundscapes. Meditation Soundscapes is the latest album from renowned musician and ayurvedic master Ananga Sivyer, who has become one of DragonRising's most popular artists. This gentle piece features the shakuhachi meditation flute playing over ocean waves and an ambient background using subtle panning effects which will relax your mind into a restful, dreamy state.
The audio download of Meditation Soundscapes comprises of 4 beautiful instrumental tracks, perfect for anyone who wants to rest and unwind after a hard day. OM is said to be the original primordial creative sound from which the entire universe have manifested.
In contrast to the above, OM is the sound which is not the result of the striking of two objects. Many people in fact choose to listen to nature sounds instead of music, even this is really slow and peaceful. What it is strange is the fact that we normally ignore the rain sounds, if it’s a rain shower, or the sound of the rain against a closed window, on the leaves, on the water… every sound of this rain is different.
Meditation Soundscapes shows once again Ananga's skill at bringing together sounds from across the globe, blending various exotic musical instruments into wonderfully soothing tracks.

This diversity and skill with so many instruments is obvious in her music, and Meditation Soundscapes uses them to paint a picture of pure tranquillity which is unrivalled in its beauty. In short all sounds within our range of listening are produces by things visible or invisible, striking each other or vibrating together, resulting in pulsating waves of air molecules which we interprets as sound. A final stage of 15 minutes of silence completes the meditation and a gong signals the end.
This sound of OM produces instant positive vibrations and takes the listener to a state of mental stillness. In addition to dozens of meditation techniques, the book is an invaluable resource for meditators with Osho responses to questions people have encountered along the way.

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