The purpose of this group is, as the Buddha said, to seek out "wise & beneficial friends" who support us and our Meditation practice. This group is open to all schools of thought and meditation formats, and also for anyone willing to co-organize or suggest events. Chicago IL: A trendy night club in the heart of downtown Chicago, Excalibur, became the hub for Yoga Rave, the counter party of the year.

Tika, a senior in a Chicago High School, meditated with a group of her friends in a guided meditation pprocess, as a peaceful quiet fell upon the crowd that was dancing wildly only a few minutes ago.
Namely we are looking for a group of beginning & advanced students, and anyone interested who is willing to learn, to motivate each other by coming to (and becoming a regular part of) a weekly sitting meditation group.
The development of Wisdom through regular meditation practice can lead to a decrease of "suffering" as well as an increase in Inner Peace and Compassion for oneself & others.

On the heels of the success of this tour in Chicago, IAHV hopes to bring this event back in the fall of this year, once again.

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