Advertising billboards in Sri Lanka almost universally sport models with unusually creamy complexions compared to the local population. Many loans were only between three and four thousand Sri Lankan Rupees (US$27 to $36), a little less often they stretched to around 15,000 rupees (US$135) and just a few maxing out at about 100,000 rupees (US$900) for a small business.
I’m also passing on the letter sites to a former student living in Sri Lanka who will appreciate them even more.

This is the largest people’s savings, credit, microenterprises and community banking program in Sri Lanka. I wasn’t in Sri Lanka long enough to thoroughly analyse this important aspect, but I doubt it. What is new in the emerging Sarvodaya strategy is the elevation of the community development activities to higher levels; their better co-ordination and integration into a holistic development programme, with the communities themselves forming into effective and sustainable networks for desirable change.

So I doubt greatly that we will ever see moves to devolve or redistribute land by any govt.

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