Your basic right for your root chakra is the right just to be here, or the right to be alive and have your physical needs met.
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Please refer to my other chakra healing meditations for the 2nd Chakra, 3rd Chakra, 4th Chakra, 5th Chakra, 6th Chakra and 7th Chakra.Also see All Chakra Balancing Meditation. Subscribe to my FREE "Body Moments" Newsletter and get a FREE Guided Body Meditation Video! Some people may not even know they have an autoimmune disease because their conventional doctors have not been able to correctly diagnose the disorder, oftentimes prescribing medications to treat the symptoms, rather than getting to the root of the illness. Today we’ll look at a few of the more common autoimmune diseases we see every day in our practice and the symptoms associated with each one. Lupus, or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), is different than the other autoimmune diseases in that the immune system attacks the DNA of every cell, making the effects widespread throughout the body. Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease is serious, and should be treated as such, but it does not have to be a life sentence! When we lovingly care for our bodies, and attend to signals of stress and pain, and do something to abate it through lifestyle choices, we are balanced in the root chakra. I am tricking your mind, through your body, to settle down!This root chakra healing meditation is intended specifically for 1st chakra clearing. I produced the video with very little talking intentionally, so you can more easily journey inward as you do the meditation.
They are all autoimmune diseases at the root, and, more shockingly, more than 23 million Americans are suffering from one or more of these chronic, sometimes fatal, conditions.

Very briefly, it is when the immune system, which produces antibodies to defend the body from foreign invaders like infections, germs, etc., is not working properly and ends up attacking its own healthy cells. Even if results for celiac disease are negative, you may still have sensitivity to gluten, otherwise known as gluten intolerance.
When the myelin, which is the protective coating of all the nerves in your body, is damaged by the autoimmune attack, it gets damage and people experience symptoms. RA is a very specific form of arthritis, and it may be difficult to tell the difference between the symptoms of RA and common osteoarthritis pain that can occur with aging, or after an injury. If you are punching a clock for a job that is unsupportive, you may be deficient in this area.
The basic principle to remember is that in order for energy to rise, it must first go downward, and be rooted. Don't forget to download ALL seven videos and ALL seven PDF instructions, immediately, for a total of 14 items!
However, if the immune attack goes undetected for too long, the thyroid can become permanently damaged, which will mean permanent hormone replacement medication. Various scientific studies testify the phenomena now, but unfortunately there is no direct medicine for the same.The physician still tends to the inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases by suppressing the pain with aspirins, martins and steroids. It is my wish that my root chakra healing meditation will aid you in your personal journey for healing. Healing Autoimmune with Yoga and Meditation Autoimmune diseases results due to a lack of proper communication between the brain and the immune system. Therefore stress is one of the biggest factors to autoimmune diseases.Stimulating the parasympathetic system in the body, Yoga and Meditation have known to reduce stress levels considerably. Yoga and meditation allows a lateral shift of awareness, and helps us understand the phenomena of letting go. A person suffering from an autoimmune disease can face an erratic wave of symptoms, like sometimes very high symptoms and other times low, or no disease at all.

By allowing one to trust their inner instincts and become fully aware of the present moment, yoga and meditation frees the body from the shackles of treachery. Diet and Autoimmune diseases A wholesome diet, free from artificial sweeteners, color, flavours, preservatives, GMOs, etc.
A diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, organic content, and fibre is what we should aim for while we are detoxifying our body from the effect of this illness.All forms of processed foods, gluten, dairy products including caffeine should be avoided at all cost to avoid aggravation of inflammation. Therefore, opt for organic meat as much as possible.With a conscious awareness of the symptoms and acceptance of the illness, a reformation path can be created with yoga.
Even if, one is not suffering from any form of autoimmune diseases, it is best to avoid foods that contain GMO, preservatives or are processed in nature. Every step counts.Reference & Image Sources Autoimmune diseases Yoga Nidra Auto immune Fish Pose Cobra Pose Auto Immune Dhalsim If you like what we do you can support us by sharing, thank you! Then gently move your attention up to the right knee, right thigh and hip (again for a couple of seconds). Feel each breath you take.Similarly, sense your forehead, scalp, neck, and the inside of your throat. Few Specific asanas for AutoimmunePostures like Downward dog, child pose, corpse pose and inverted poses, relaxes the brain by pumping enough oxygen and blood supply thereby relaxing the whole body.
Bow Pose, Shoulder stand, Cobra pose, Plough pose and Fish pose are few postures that can have a great healing effect.

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