Essentially, meditation can be termed as simply focusing on something and keeping mindful of it for as long as you can to create a calming effect on the mind and body. Meditation is a state of altered consciousness in which your brain slows down from its normal, beta-wave activity to a calmer alpha state.
Meditation isn’t easy, yet it is also a lot less complicated than it is commonly perceived to be. Many are familiar with the concept of meditation but hesitate to take the step to embed it as practice in their lives.

Director of the Sydney Meditation Centre Kevin Hume’s experience with meditation began, as it often does with fateful discovery, by accident.
Meditation devotees are not born into the process, nor do they become successful at meditation straight away.
Meditation is no longer an inaccessible practice taught only by gurus to those seeking enlightenment or those who are devoted to ancient religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism. His approach was down to earth and practical with a variety of techniques grounded in the emerging science of meditation.

After a meditation session you can return to the full beta state, which is perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. As we are all programmed differently, it makes sense that one type of meditation may not work for you and your lifestyle even though it may work for others.

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