Here is a merkaba meditation using a crystal merkaba as the focal point to help your consciousness to enter the meditative state. Holding the crystal merkaba in your hands, close your eyes and take deep breaths, concentrating of each breath, feeling the in-breath and feeling the out-breath, feel the way your breath becomes calm and allows you to go within. Now take your consciousness into the crystal merkaba held in your hands, visualize yourself sitting within the crystal merkaba, and feel its energy around you.
The power of prayer and meditation enfolds us with peace and light, I encourage you to open to prayer and meditation, when we pray and meditate we attract a loving connection with the Divine, enfolding us in love and light, giving serenity and peace, ecstasy and bliss, and bringing heavenly well being. This is a most powerful Meditation for the peace within yourself and the peace of the earth!

When you are ready, slowly bring your consciousness back to the room you are in, concentrating on your in-breath and out-breath to help bring you out of the meditation, then open your eyes to become fully present once more. It can be celebrated on an individual basis or with a group activity in holding a joyous angel party or with a group meditation. Crystals or stones amplify your healing power and assist you in feeling happy and peaceful. The first time this meditation was channelled it even changed the plans of the US government in a more peaceful direction.
Crystals are usually associated with ancient wisdom and heavenly grottos of mystery and magic.

They bring memories of beautiful quartz points and crystal healings that were used in ancient Atlantis and in Lemuria.

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