The Sherpa Meditation Cloak from DharmaCrafts is made from certified 100% organic cotton and is a luxurious item of meditation clothing. Made with beautiful, distinctive stitch, and finished with fine details you'll be wanting to wear your meditation robe all day every day. Dharma Crafts have designed this robe to have ample width and length to provide maximum coverage in many meditation postures making this an ideal item of meditation clothing for any would be or experienced meditation practitioner. Zabu Zabu create custom made zen meditation clothing and supplies for formal and informal meditation and can create these wonderful items of meditation clothing in the fabric of your choice. Shown here is a traditional Soto Zen monk's Koromo which is just one example of the meditation clothing and supplies that Zabu Zabu provide.
If you are looking for a meditation robes but haven't found one that's 'you' yet then maybe this is what your after.

A lay Zen robe is a traditional meditation garment that is used in meditation by a lay practionner. We are now presenting the acclaimed Womens Tops Tee Shirt Lord Shiva Print Yoga Meditation Clothing Blue T-shirts for a slashed price. Hindu God Print short Sleeve Round Neck Stretchable Cotton Fabric fits sizes Small and Medium Made in India.
Made from a plush fleece this hooded meditation cloak is warm enough to wear for meditation in any cold weather situation. Unlike none meditation clothing, this robe is ideal for meditation practice as it is made from fine, soft material so that you aren't uncomfortable or constantly having to adjust your clothing with the possibility of disturbing others.
Made from a cotton fabric with a satin-like finish which adds an authentic feel to an authentic look, this Kimono from Gaiam allows you to indulge your senses in the exquisite artistry, drape and silken touch of the traditional dress of Japan.

A modern cotton-sateen adaption that you can wear as a luxurious robe for either meditation or in the bathroom, this kimono really is multi-purpose. The robe is generally worn over a separate item of clothing known as a Jubon which is a form of shirt, and serves as a layered undergarment. Don't pass it over - purchase the Womens Tops Tee Shirt Lord Shiva Print Yoga Meditation Clothing Blue T-shirts online now!

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