With over 1,000 download, this is my most popular product and I really want you to have it if you plan on being a meditation teacher.
I am certain once you complete the Meditation Certification Program, you will not just be a great teacher, but you will also have the necessary skills to create transformational products, such as this Mind Expanding Guided Meditation. The book will not just help you navigate the course easily, but will also serve as an excellent reference manual for you once you begin to teach your own classes. Finally, all the videos are linked to from the Meditation Training Manual, so they can be easily accessed and integrated into your training. Upon graduating, depending on which level you sign-up with, you and your meditation center will be listed in the Certified Meditation Teachers and Meditation Centers Directory (PR4). In addition, if you sign up for the full amount, you will also receive a listing on the following page, Best Yoga and Meditation Web Sites, which is a high ranking Google Authority Page (PR3). I also rigorously use the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site to promote the teachers, their classes and their centers. Being part of the training program gives you exclusive access to the Mastery of Meditation Teacher's Training Newsletter. Certificate, Letter of Recommendation and Listing in the Certified Meditation Teacher's Directory. To join simply click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button below for the level you wish to enrol at and you will taken to Anmol's Yoga and Meditation Store for 100% safe and secure checkout. For the first time in Singapore, Master Paalu shares his unique approach to mastering asana through meditative techniques.
Provide a high quality program of Certification for professionals and para-professionals practicing as Meditation Instructors. Develop and support high standards of education and practice requirements for the attainment of certification. Provide a mechanism for the ongoing involvement of a peer advisory board of qualified professionals to oversee program development and requirements for certification.
Provide a comprehensive program of approvals for continuing education, seminars, offerings, independent study, and other related educational activities, to ensure high quality standards are met and that such programs are of value to those practicing meditation instruction. Completion of an official, established education program to prepare candidate for the practice of a Meditation Instructor.
Candidates for the Certification must successfully complete the continuing education program endorsed by The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. THE CERTIFICATION PROCESS: We have a dedicated page that provides a quick over-view of our certification process.

All certifications shall be for a period of 4 years from the date that the initial certification.
Obtaining 50 or more hours of continuing education within the four year period of certification . Those applicants who have successfully achieved certification, or recertification receive a large size official Certificate attesting to certification, as well as an official letter of notification.
The certification fee for Meditation Instructor is $ 200.00 for the four year term of certification.
The AIHCP reserves the right to approve all such courses for consideration toward certification. Lying down in a circle may seem like a rather unusual way to run a lesson, but teachers say meditation and yoga has helped hundreds of primary school pupils to improve their grades.
Dave Read, 52, a former history teacher who now travels Britain teaching the session to children, believes yoga and meditation aid education.
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council applied for ?20,000 of the Government money to teach yoga and meditation to pupils at ten primary schools across Essex.
Groups of around ten children learn a variety of beginner yoga positions whilst also being taught to control their breathing using meditation techniques. Since 2005, yoga students interested in natural healing ways have taken our yoga teacher certification program. The health care and social science communities, therapists and body workers, yoga teachers, find our certification programs useful as an add on for their clients. To spread Yoga Meditation and Ayurvedic teachings for self care and the care for others, and to do so in accessible ways. There are now over 700+ amazing techniques, videos, MP3s, e-books and articles on the website, so to help out those who are new to yoga, meditation and the website here are 2 good places to start. To be the most comprehensive meditation, yoga and zen portal on the web, available to everyone for free.
Some of the most popular articles are the Zen Meditation Stories, Zen Meditation Techniques and Zen Teachings.
Take our certification programIf you are new to hypnosis and want to take the best online training program and become certified as a hypnotist by the ICBCH, take this online course. CERTIFICATION BOARD OF CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a worldwide hypnosis association organization that provides education to the public and professionals via live training classes and homestudy courses about the benefits of clinical hypnosis, and recognizes hypnosis certification programs and hypnotherapy certification courses.
I have created this program and am the author of Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, one of the largest and most popular yoga and meditation portals on the internet.

So not only do you get the Meditation Training Manual, but you will also have access to the syllabus and all the material online as well.
Upon passing it you receive a signed certificate from me and Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, certifying you to teach meditation, as well as gentle yoga and pranayama. You will understand deeply how profound the method that was used to create this meditation truly is, and you will be able to apply such wisdom in creative ways of your own. The links allow you to access additional material you may wish to study in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation, yoga and enlightened living. This manual consists of the very best articles and techniques from the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site and much much more. The videos teach and demonstrate all the important meditation, yoga and pranayama techniques used in the program.
As the certification program was launched in 2010, the first batch of students are now graduating and you will find their listings there. This newsletter is sent about 1 time per month only to the enrolled students and graduates, and is packed with key information, tips and free gifts to help you succeed as a meditation teacher.
Our blog contains articles, news, events and information related the Meditation Instruction field. Completion of the required education courses qualifies the educational component necessary to apply for Certification. The certificate is suitable for framing and details the official professional certification title, initials that may be used, and time frames for certification. To learn through a Master Trainer, besides enrolling yourself for the Yoga teacher training programmes and the Pilates Instructor Course, you can opt for private sessions with them.
If an applicant does not meet certification criteria, the application fee is refunded. For any courses to be considered, applicants must submit copies of all certificates of completion or transcripts verifying completion. A completed application must be mailed in to the with full payment to be considered for certification. Applicants who are using their degrees to meet partial fulfillment of the education requirements for certification must have official transcripts submitted from their University or College, directly to the AIHCP.

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