You have to enter into meditation and make the mind stay quiet and calm, like a lake without waves, perfectly tranquil. We offer meditation instruction free of charge around Rhode Island in various towns such as Providence, Pawtucket, East Providence, Cranston, Cumberland and also just over the state border in neighboring Seekonk, Massachusetts.
The objective of our meditation workshops is to show you how to meditate and inspire you to do it. The meditation classes are taught by experienced meditation students of Sri Chinmoy and draw upon his writings, music and art. Techniques include candle flame concentration, pranayama breathing, guided meditations, meditation aided by soulful music - all with the goal of achieving a still mind and deeper self-awareness.
November 2013Thanksgiving Dinner at a Sri Chinmoy Centre Inspired RestaurantMembers of the Sri Chinmoy Centres in America run enterprises that aspire to provide quality services to the public in uplifting surroundings.

These people work or study, run the centres and take part in centre activities, while integrating Diamond Way teachings and meditation into their everyday life. The main practice in Diamond Way Buddhist Centres around the world is the Guru Yoga meditation on the 16th Karmapa. The centres work together to organise retreats, lectures and workshops throughout the year. Several members of the Rhode Island Sri Chinmoy Centre have been practising meditation and teaching workshops for the last 30 years.
Diamondway Buddhism is for regular people after all, and no formal meditation experience or Buddhist knowledge is required. The meditation is guided in English and the host of the meditation session can answer your questions.

This a method wherein we calm the mind using proven meditation techniques  in order to enter the spiritual heart. The presenter for the evening will outline the details of the meditation prior to commencing.

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