I’m a big believer in magic, there’s things in this world that happen that you just can’t explain. I think dogs and cats are way better than people most of the time, this mini art zine has them looking stylish and dapper.
Our dominant daytime thoughts and questions are passed on to our dreams, which, in turn, give us clues to effectively navigate the treacherous yet rewarding terrain of love. Meanwhile, the man dreams of speeding around a racetrack cheered on by a stadium packed with bikini-clad supermodels (including supermodel #AdrianaLima) rocking out to Mo?tley Cru?e. Have you ever wished you could pump up the volume of your still, small voice…I know I have (do)! Once you purchase the book, fill in your name, email, and order # in the box to your right and you’ll be directed to your dreamy gifts!
Here’s to you and your still, small voice getting a bullhorn so life can be as magical as you dream it can be! I can only imagine, if it were my dream, how wonderful it would feel to see my beloved departed father in a dream…followed by disappointment when I approach him he behaves like a stranger. Thank you for sharing your dreams with me…and I encourage you to continue keeping track of your dreams. This is one of the strangest dreams I have ever had and like I said I keep coming up with “scenes” related to the dream. This dream sounds like the makings of a very interesting tv series…one that I certainly would be interested in watching. If they were my dreams, I’d think that they are feminine aspects of myself trying to be integrated. It would seem that perhaps they both are aspects of your feminine soul…one aspect that is more appealing and familiar one that is not.
Alpha, Zeta, Theta, can be utilized without awareness, whereas, Beta is the physical machine busy at work.
I have been having this dream that I am at home and I let my pets go outside and then I have someone help me to look for my pets and I hear my pets crying and they are in a giant hole that you can see all the way down and I can not get my pets because the earthquake shake I fall in the giant hole and I have angels take me and pet to heaven and I leave my husband behad I was to know why I am dream this dream please tell me .
The dark side of masculine energy in our lives (either in the form of a boss, a husband, or our own inner male) can feel controlling, rigid, and dominating. The dream might be showing that you are seeking balance and yearning for a more heavenly experience of life that combines your feminine energies with your natural instincts. From my point of view, balance is the key…and sometimes in order to restore balance, we need an earth quake (something traumatic to happen in our lives) to shake things up so we can create a new way of being. The surprising thing is that even if it is a crude anthropomorphic frame, it is as if a fractalized jump from an individual into a coherent spectral collective ultra man personality emerges. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
The author describes it best: Not Yr Gay BFF is a personal narrative about growing up queer in the punk and hardcore scene.
There is a lack of solution offering, and at the same time a lot rambling, because it is cathartic for me.
This darling zine is for anyone looking to delve into the world of witchcraft – or for seasoned & professional black pointy hat-wearing lovelies! Eventually the man breaks through the racetrack barrier into the field where his wife, the hunk, and the white horse are galloping.

You’ll receive this interview as one of the many dream gifts when you purchase the book! Dreams and premonitions are often the way our intuition or our faith in the beyond manifest. They provide insight into what you subconsciously know and they can also be a window into the unknown—maybe even a source of guidance from loved ones who have passed on and from other mysterious sources.
Kristi Woods had no idea why she suffered with abdominal problems—until a dream revealed the underlying cause.
After relocating to the New Mexico desert, Gini Gentry fell in love with a parched but beautiful piece of land.
I might take heart in considering that there’s a transitional period of readjustment while souls acclimate to life on the other side, in the non-physical. I wanted to ask you about 2 recurring dreams I have had, one is where I am being followed by a woman with no face, I can see her form, however her face has no eyes, nose or mouth, can you help me with this one.
I vividly remember a girl bringing the book, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (that was a companion piece to the show; I still treasure my dog-eared copy!) to school and at lunchtime all the girls gathered around her as she read the juicy bits from it about masturbation and Laura’s sexual escapades. The foundation of the zine – before bits are blacked out – is a paperback copy of Jurassic Park, written by Michael Crichton, and that the zine author purchased at a thrift store in Oakland, SF for 50 cents. Witchy Kisses, is the first in a series of 13 tutorials that takes you through the steps of writing your own spells. Manifesting Magic is a 24 page black and white zine full of illustrations about dreams, creating, and making your own magic.
Upon seeing her husband, the wife dismounts the horse, leaves the stallion and his horse in the dust, and joins her husband, the hero, in the passenger seat of their new car.
You will be awed and amazed by these true stories from everyday people who have experienced the extraordinary. In Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions, you’ll read 101 stories about how dreams and premonitions have changed lives, relationships, and health. But then in eighth grade she had a dream in which she saw how her bullying had hurt other people. In her dream, a police officer pulled her over and gave her a Breathalyzer test, though she hadn’t been drinking.
She had unresolved issues with her footloose father, and his death had left much unsaid between them.
On a parallel plane, the love you and your former crush once shared continues, heals, evolves, and is as alive now as it ever was. But a fresh bright green stalk with leaves start to grow from my tounge and contines to grown in the dream like a small bunch of herbs. The dreams drove my whole spiritual journey, hence my book which was heartbreaking & deeply profound to say the least. I know because I’ve been collecting them for almost two decades, have a whole garage full yet, still search high and low for the best out there. This A5 zine features illustrations and nerdy facts of 9 of the shows characters, plus other fun stuff. Each zine comes with a unique, unedited page from Jurassic Park, so you can create your own Jurassic Dark poem too! It is about coming to terms with your marginalization but also your revolutionary potential as a militantly visible queer person of color.

WK is a chance to learn to write your own specific & unique spell for the 21st century! This combined dream ends with the sexually charged, happy couple driving into the sunset together.
The 101 stories in this book will enlighten and encourage you to listen to your dreams and your own inner voice. One night he dreamt that he was driving up a hill near his home when something blocked his path. Instead of coming back with an alcohol reading, the officer told her she was lactose intolerant. This dream may be prompting you to take a stroll down memory lane and re-member (put back together) the puzzle pieces of your personality that were alive back in school. For example I had a dream that my mom passed away and maybe a year later it happened and everything that was said in the dream was said at the hospital that night. I love going to a zine fair scouring the tables for awesome or getting a fun package in the mail chock full of photocopied goodness, zine folk are so creative.
This is a zine for all the weirdos and faggots and queers who stand in the corner at seedy gay clubs expecting something more.
The woman dreams of being swept away by a romance novel– type long-haired hunk on a white horse, riding through a field of flowers.
Check out this video—and let me know if you relate to this…if it gives you hope…or gives you dream envy. Mariah turned her life around after that dream, becoming a more considerate and thoughtful person. When you resurrect these buried aspects of your heart, you resuscitate them into your present life.
For kids who would rather go to punk shows than spend all their money on trendy clothes to help them get laid.
So when the same exact scene repeated itself in his waking life three days later, Robert knew what to do. But in a dream one night she saw where she would find water if she dug a well, and she did. Another dream I had was this guy I really love and I were at the hospital because I was waiting to have a baby. Because of the extent of my dreaming abilities a few have insinuated it is made up but I try not to take it personally because I have come to see how truly rare my gifts are, except to those that used to be Shamans in native tribes. It comes in a cello bag with glitter and sprinkles for extra magic—more magic all the time I say. Instead of passing the obstacle—a parked truck—as he usually would have, he slowed to nearly a stop.

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