Historic roots of the investigation are built on claims that pathogenic zones exist at certain locations and that sleeping or spending long periods of time above them are linked to cancer, debilitating diseases of the central nervous system, chronic fatigue and general ill health. Those people who are already in the beginning stages of poor health may sense an added sensitivity for diseases of different kinds when staying longer on geopathic locations, as well as notice that healing processes may take longer than usual. Furthermore, many studies confirm that people who are “living healthily” – who manage their weight, refrain from smoking, enjoy the outdoors, participate in sports, etc., - have stronger immune systems and feel definitely less stress than their “unhealthy living” fellow men. The term “wellness“, which is composed of the ideals “well-being“ and “fitness“ as well as “life-style“ and “happiness“, to a modern point of view denotes a holistic concept of health. We are born amid these natural manifold-radiating processes and there is no doubt that they are appropriate, important, healthy, and life protecting. Leave a piece of fruit within reach of our 10 month old baby, or in a bag on the floor, and it will be demolished skin and all! Kylah is an intrepid parent taking time out from the rat race to travel South America with her partner and baby boy.
At age 30 and 28, as Intrepid Parents, we took time out from the rat race to travel around South America with our 7 mth old baby boy.

She shares the story of how she suffered multiple pregnancy losses and just as she was about to give up hope, she manifested a healthy baby girl against all odds. Evoked electrical conductivity on the lung acupuncture points in healthy individuals and confirmed lung cancer patients. When a crystal lattice cell is compressed by mechanical pressure, an imbalance is the result, manifesting itself in the development of a tiny electrical voltage (Fig.
This can produce enormous costs for our social and health systems, and the hidden costs we can only suspect today. We could understand this behaviour the first few times we caught our son tucking into a nectarine or pear that we had left in the baby bag after an outing.
Eating the skin and all of fruit and vegetables is healthier than just eating the sweet juicy flesh.
When individuals feel better, they will perform better, and be healthier and happier at work too – facts that would also have economic consequences.
Turns out our little monkey is far more health conscious than either of us gave him credit for!

Published alongside bestselling authors from The Secret in the Adventures in Manifesting book series, Kylah is also currently dabbling in travel writing.
Desperate to make myself feel a little better and see people that had overcome the same obstacle, I turned to the ‘Health and Happiness’ book in our bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series to read a chapter called ‘When Faith Is All You Have’ by Shelby Alexander Griggs. The wave lengths of the disturbed natural radiation can seriously affect our health, causing cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) infertility and miscarriage. The major confounding factor -- that of moist skin in sick, worried subjects, and dry skin in relaxed, healthy subjects -- is not eliminated. In the following, we will briefly show what addressing geopathy do affect health care facilities, public places, and economy. Furthermore, technically generated EMFs are present on every place on earth; their likely influence on our health is presently the subject of intensive worldwide research.

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