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Organizations are implementing a wide variety of changes to their workspace, ranging from a simple shift to open planning and lower horizons at a single location, to complex enterprise-wide programs that offer new types of workspaces and planning approaches.
While there are good business reasons for changes in the workplace, employees frequently feel threatened by the process.
Workplace change management is a process for engaging with employees who are about to experience workplace change. The scope of a workplace change and its associated workplace change program can vary widely (Figure 1). Learning Cuppa from the UK In my last post I talked about the Institute of IT Training (IITT) becoming the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI). Learning Cuppa from the UK Hi everyone this is my first post and I’m really pleased to be part of Learning Cafe.

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Reach out to our expert team to learn more about how ELEMENTS supports the way your people think and move in today’s work environment. Knoll has worked with many customers through the process of implementing workplace changes—some simple, some quite complex. The natural resistance to change that often emerges must be managed for a successful transition to new workspace.
A change management program is a useful process for successfully managing employee transitions.
Your change management process should respond to the size and complexity of your project and the culture of your organization. Workplaces are changing—because the nature of work and the role of the workplace in business strategy are changing (O’Neill and Wymer, 2011). Organizations of all sizes, across all sectors, are re-planning and re-configuring their workplaces to better attune them to the work processes and workstyles at hand.

Whatever the size of the enterprise or the scope of the project, the success of change management comes down to addressing the concerns, anxieties and expectations of the people involved.
Good change management lets people get back to work faster and feel more satisfied with their change experience—and the new space.
This paper shares some of our experiences and insights and offers a few guidelines for successfully managing the challenge. Knoll has worked with many customers through the process of implementing workplace changes—some simple, some quite complex.
It is critical to ask people for input, to address concerns as they arise, to identify the influencers within employee groups and to engage them in your efforts.

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