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6) Review of current case law regarding officer certification and equipment certification.
1) Field exercise of estimating 100 vehicle speeds in construction of a valid visual tracking history. 3) Review of Cosine Effect and computation of beam widths of laser and radar at different distances. 10) Graduation of Operator Certification students with an average score of 80% comprised of the average of testing, field exercises including demonstrating proper set of radar and laser guns, and class participation. 1) Field exercise of before and after treatment study using speed display provided by instructor. 3) Review the importance of daily logs of radar and laser gun set up procedure.4) Review of state and federal recommendations of re-certification of equipment, tuning forks, and officers.

5) To have each student successfully complete field exercises in developing a valid visual tracking history by estimating distances and speeds of vehicles.
SML Launches Research Into Double Fines-During the quarter, SML has conducted research in work zones with and without Double Fine laws to determine if there is a difference between work zone speeds with and without the notifications.  This research compliments current SML research into compliance with interstate work zone speed limits began in 2009. Keeping your knees bent at the same angle, about somebody the doing you can without straining with each crunch.
To have the students understand the necessity of re-certification of officers and equipment. Includes field exercises of estimating speeds and distances consistent with a valid visual tracking history. Such a listing is necessary to compile reliable data on cell phone use before and after causation. All of these assessed work zones had different work zone speed limits ranging from 50 mph-60 mph.

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