Looking back into my own life experiences, for many years I struggled with my confidence and often felt uncomfortable around those who I perceived as more intelligent, outgoing, and successful than I was.
To be realistic, our civilised societies judge us based on how confident and self-secure we are. Here is an interesting paradox: As INTELLIGENT, INGENIOUS, CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL man is, he cannot SUCCEED beyond his own SELF-IMAGE.
But most importantly, I was not confident enough to express my talents and natural abilities which I knew I possessed.

For you to make your life a success, whether as a business person, a family person or as a student, you will have to pay attention to your self-image and learn how to gain more confidence. Your self-image, which is simply the way you see yourself, sets the height to which you can attain. A future of significance is impossible without a reasonable and healthy confidence and belief in one’s own ability and possibilities.
And as such, others around you can feel your fears and your emotional inadequacies.leading to them capitalising on low confidence and poor self-esteem for their own gain.

Their CVs may get them the interviews, but their low self-image prevents them from getting the job.

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