My name is Roma Catherine Burke, I am a Chiropractor and a blogger with a passion for sharing positive stories about the Law of Attraction and Personal Development. This website has been created as a valuable resource for all those seeking true knowledge on the Law of Attraction and how to get Personal Empowerment to work.
The statistics show that in 97% of cases, the family wealth is completely dissipated by the third generation.
The Brower Quadrant is required reading for anybody interested in preserving and building wealth across generations.
Explore riveting topics such as: The Law of Attraction, Angelic Evocation and Communion, Qabalah, Manifestation Magic, Spiritual and Physical Healing, Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Psychic Intuition, Achievement and Abundance Alchemy, Neuro-linguistic Alchemy (NLP), Meditation, the Wisdom of Hermes and the Golden Dawn, and so much more will be jam-packed in continuing episodes.
However, at Law of Attraction Solutions LLC we provide a background that connects you to the ancient source of the Law of Attraction (The Ancient Teachings of Hermes).

Next, consider reading our article section, there are tons of FREE articles on the Law of Attraction and Personal Empowerment. Lee’s a great story teller and he weaves his stories throughout the book to illustrate key points. He has a business and marketing background and has owned his own successful advertising agency. Find out how easy it is to get real Miracles happening in your life through Law of Attraction coaching. Here is the difference, when you work with Law of Attraction Solutions you can expect results and often you will receive more that results, you will receive MIRACLES.
She has understood the universal wisdom of the law of attraction and secret very well and applied everything perfectly with the action.

Like Linca has learned from book, DVDs and read this blog to keep her more aligned to the Law of Attraction.
Like she has joined the 28 Magical Practices with me and took my mentoring to understand how to apply the law of attraction well in every area of life. Yes she has done an amazing transformation and she highly dedicated to her fitness and practice Law of attraction to the best.

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