No “fluff” here: only well over a hundred pages of advice that gets right to the heart of each topic, and that will put you firmly on the path towards mastery of your new language in no time. But now, you yourself can use these amazingly powerful techniques to take your language learning skills to a new level! After reading this book, you will never again approach language learning in the same old way!

No matter what language – or languages – you are learning, or wish to learn,“Language Learning - Outside the Box!”  is for you. If you’ve had a look at my site, read some of my articles, or downloaded my free Ebook “The Secrets of Successful Language Learning”, you already know that I have decades of experience teaching languages to students in Germany, Spain, and Japan. Here are the most effective methods for expanding your vocabulary, mastering grammar, acquiring an excellent pronunciation, and above all, learning to actually converse in a foreign language.

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