I had a beautiful wedding, rather small by today's standards, about 250 were in attendance, and of course the reception was loads of fun too. My sister and her husband did the Vegas wedding and didn't tell anyone about it until they were having a big fancy wedding a year later.
I would love a small intimate wedding with just those people that are very close to my heart. My husband and I just did a small, rather informal wedding with a small group of friends and mostly just immediate family.

A wedding is once in a lifetime and a very special day to me and I wouldn't want the moment to get lost in a lavish event.
Ladies often seem to have their ideal wedding planned on some level in their mind and I'd want her to be happy. We were lucky that our wedding coordinator shared our eye for quality while maintaining our desire to keep it understated. Friends helped with decorations, family handled the food, a family friend did the cake, and I did the flowers and music.

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