I always thought that if I am ever someday forced to take my kids out of school due to our refusal to vaccinate,  I would rather unschool than homeschool. The idea of my kids learning through life experience alone with no tests or text books required sounds dreamy to me, however, my personality and self-discipline does not lend itself to adhering to any kind of structure or fostering the enriching unschooling environment needed (and unschooling does not mean unstructured). TODAY features the fascinating perspective of an unschooling family on a segment this morning in the video below.

While my kids have had a positive public school experience, I would totally love to unschool if that was my only job and we could live out in the country or travel whenever and wherever we wanted. I found it interesting to learn that unschooled children often do go on to college, using their life resume as a transcript, and they are required to take the same SATs and placement tests just like other students . And of course that would only work if I had someone to keep me accountable and if being unschooled was what my kids really wanted, too.

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