The 6″ Kindle will not provide a great experience for PDF reading, the DX would be better, but not on par with tablets or iPads. Elizabeth Hamman was a great math educator who will be truly missed in the International math community. Elizabeth was a participant in the 2009 MCC Math & Technology Workshop, and was going to attend this year as the Assistant Director for the workshop.
If you knew Elizabeth on twitter, read her blog, met her at a workshop or presentation, or were touched by her in some way, please consider making a contribution to The Elizabeth Hamman Math Scholarship at Cerritos College. There are a few other speaking engagements sprinkled in there in (so far OK and NY) and my schedule is booking up for the next academic year, so if you would like me to speak at one of your events next year, now would be the time to contact me (wyandersen at gmail dot com). Also, I’ve just thrown in my favorite posts from various math blogs that I read, so you may be surprised to see your own post in here!

The Fall 2009 Calculus class at Muskegon Community College was tasked (by me) with learning how to study for a math test and then making presentations or videos to help other students. The students started by doing their own Internet research, and then were placed in groups of 3 to focus on a particular topic. It’s a nice resource written by students for students, and I hope that many of you will pass it on to your classes. For information about scheduling a speaking engagement, workshop, or consulting, please go here.
If your one of those people who can't stand studying for tests, or for anything in that matter, this article is for you! Right notes on mini pieces of paper, then stick them in a magazine; every time you read the magazine you end up reading your study notes.

Each student was asked to interview a math instructor as part of the project to find out the details of the particular study strategy they were assigned. Most recently, she’s been working on editing How to Tell if a Cow or Heifer Is Pregnant to make some improvements based on reader feedback and questions.
My main worry is that I will accumulate lots of books, notes, and tags in some eBook format, only to have that format go dead on me. Then say "Hey, I just remembered that I'm going to have a math test this week and I don't understand the concept.

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