In the beginning I started each session hoping for some “aha” moment, a monumental breakthrough, something a lot of us (inaccurately) tend to believe should come with a successful meditation practice. Instead of turning your wheels simply because that’s what you’ve been trained to do, pay attention to when your mind could benefit from a rest. This may not be the answer for you, but there are countless meditation programs out there — chances are, there is one that will speak to you.
The space that you meditate in is often the factor that determines how successful your practice will be. Dedicating yourself to a regular meditation practice may seem like something extra to add to your already hectic life, but in truth, it will make your hectic life calmer, more relaxed and easier to handle. Meditation is multifaceted in its benefits and people who practices it receives multiple advantages. An altar is a sacred space in your home that holds the intention of your connection to Spirit. Here are a few tips to help you establish your own meditation practice and increase the productivity in your professional life.
Meditation has taught me to stop mid-freakout, check in with my breath, and try to adjust my reaction to be more in alignment with the severity of the situation.
If you learn to pay attention to your breath, you can have a more successful meditation practice and a more fruitful professional life.

Yoga gives all around benefit while Meditation deals with mental relaxation of concentration. Creating one can alter your life and your spiritual practice because it sets the tone for how you want to vibrate and thus, feel, in your living environment. But, like exercise, practice eventually enabled me to sit in a meditative state for an hour.
This will help you start and end each day from a place of peace and relaxation — ensuring that everything else in between runs smoother than before. As stated in Point 2 and 5, yoga is also about connecting with your breathing and finding your own space! It does not matter how small or large your altar is, what is important is that it is sacred to you. I saw the benefits of meditation and the impact on my daily life – not just when I was running.Five months later, I start each day with meditation – and when I need to reset myself during my workday (typically after lunch) – I do another short meditation. What you include on your altar is completely up to you and everything you put on it should make your heart sing. When you look at the items on your altar, you will know they are aligned for you when you feel your heart sing.
I use some of the same techniques from my meditation practice to help me ease off into dreamland.

I crave the breathing and focus of meditation when I am faced with stress.Meditation 101Everyone is talking about meditation – from long time gurus like Deepak Chopra to corporate executives at Google to teachers that are introducing meditation into the classroom. It is one thing to read all the studies or listen to the experts – but you actually have to open your heart and mind to the possibility. There are many books, articles and resources out there to learn how to meditate – but I think the key is to play with your practice. Experiment with different strategies, different locations in your house and even different ways to sit.Many people (including most of the experts) advise that meditation should be done first thing in the morning. The length of time depends on you (but it is important to start small and then build over time). By being kind to yourself by starting slow (building up slowly over time), chances are good that you will feel successful and want to continue.My meditation practiceKnowing that meditation is a deeply personal process for everyone – what works for me, may not work for you. But my journey from a meditation skeptic to someone that practices meditation every day has worked for me.
Elena writes about finding everyday wellness in far-flung lands and in her own backyard in the Washington D.C.

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