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Many people living in London would like to learn a foreign language but because of work or social commitments they just don’t have the time.
Mastering a foreign language takes time and dedication, to keep yourself motivated have a clear idea of why you are studying and what you expect to achieve by doing so.
For the major languages there is a wealth of free online resources that can help you to study. Below are all rough figures only and do not include people who can speak them as a second language.
If you want to use a new language to get a well paid job then you should focus on high demand languages that employers or international organisations are looking for. If you move abroad with the intention of living there then being able to speak the local lingo can help you integrate better. One survey showed that the most multilingual EU citizens are from Luxemburg, where a whopping 99% said they knew a foreign language.

Revelation speaks about the true bride of Christ, but there is another woman who is trying to seduce believers away from God's Word.
But the Lord confounded their languages, and the resultant confusion was so great they were forced to halt construction.
Some believe it can give them a competitive edge in the jobs market, whilst others do it to make acquaintances with foreigners or to build new business prospects abroad. However others can struggle to put together a simple sentence and can forget what they learnt pretty quickly. These are useful for when you have spare moments ate work or home where you can log on and practice speaking. For instance a English speaker will find it much easier to learn German or French than say Chinese or Japanese. Don’t just pick a language at random, instead be very clear about what you want and why. Apart from personal ability you should also remember that some languages are just simply much harder to learn and speak than others.

It is for these and other reasons that short evening language courses are becoming increasingly popular with people living in the capital. However, any church that teaches mother Babylon's false doctrines and follows her practices could become one of her fallen daughters.
It is a miraculous enabling to fluently speak foreign languages previously unlearned and unknown by the speaker (Acts 2:4-12). God uses this gift when needed to present His end-time message to those of other languages.
It was needed at Pentecost because 17 language groups were in the crowd and His disciples probably knew only one language.

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