I wonder if I have done enough in the past to warrant such a show of support and such acts of kindness and I marvel at how some people around me manage to find ways to lift their place in my heart to an even higher ground. However, as you have discovered, your friends become a huge support in the whole process, and it’s in doing something like this that true friendships are cemented. As the world shows its more chaotic side these days, I have become infinitely grateful for gifts that I took for granted for most of my life. From observing them, I have learned how to enjoy a sunset, a sunrise, a cool breeze, or a warm ray of sun on my face without having to discuss it, or capture it on film.
Take a moment to watch this touching short film to see how one man created a marvelous way to show gratitude for his feline buddy.
Like when you know how much you love and appreciate a dear friend but you just don’t express it the way you wish you could.

The point is how far some people go out of their way to help us and how they leave us better than they found us through their beautiful desire to help. I can almost feel how many hours of effort and concentration and love and faith has gone into it.
The point is how much genuine kindness and generosity abounds in like-minded communities and how impossible it is to ever put a price on it. A promise to return the favor is a natural follow-up but still lacks in expressing how grateful I feel. I was telling my hubby today about it and I also told him how much of an inspiration you are!
I do all of these, of course, but beyond that, the greatest outcome of this may just be how committed I feel in fiercely helping others in return.

And I have come to know that physical closeness or distance sometime becomes irrelevant compared to the cosmic connection that we form due to how we choose to radiate our inner selves. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” You are truly wonderful and we love you.

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