When I was thinking of what I wanted to accomplish in our home this year, I came up with two major goals. Find a desk for this room so that it can be rearranged, organized, and functional for us to use. Along with those goals in those specific rooms to make our house HOME to us and more functional there are many things that need to be done to make it presentable and ready to sell if we choose to do that. One of the most practical ways to keep an eye on personal lines CSRs is by establishing a selection of production-driven goals for each. Goals are important, but establishing an environment where CSRs can actually achieve them is even more so. Quote of NoteA driver for a TNC who does not have the proper coverage is at considerable personal risk. July 29, 2013 by Jordann Brown 28 Comments July is nearly over, which means that we are now 58% of the way through 2013. I successfully paid off my student loans in June, about six months ahead of my goal and 8 years and a half years ahead of schedule. Being a full time freelancer would definitely make goals so much more difficult to forecast, I completely understand the monthly goal format.

The big goal I have to conquer still is getting my full license, and apparently in Toronto that means doing a highway test.
I set a goal of making $10k in side income this year, and that was after making $0 blogging in 2012. That’s true, but making more money for doing the same amount of work is appealing too. Do everything you reasonably can to make it easier for personal lines staffers to do their jobs the way you want them done.
Their singular achievements and failures serve as a window into your entire personal lines operation as they can help you to identify sales and operational successes and dysfunctions that you may otherwise miss.
I busted through my 2012 goals with room to spare, so when I declared my 2013 goals in January, I decided to make them more challenging.
A big reason I was able to pay these off so quickly was because I got a very large tax return, and was able to apply for an additional tax rebate.
My wedding was about as inexpensive as a wedding can get, and you can read all about how I saved money, here and here. Not only have I continued to write for Michelle at Making Sense of Cents, but I’ve also been able to join the awesome team at L Bee and the Money Tree.

I think that without setting and achieving goals that are going to move you towards the life that you want, you are more likely to let the years slip by without making any effort to improve your situation and lot in life.
Establish a selection of numerical goals for specific activities for each CSR or for all reps as a group.
Commercial lines CSRs typically work closely with producers, minimizing these issues, while personal lines reps tend to work independently. I still owed over $20,000 in debt in January of 2013, and it seemed like there was no end in sight. I think we should plan a get-together and I can come help you re-do your Master BR in time for your anniversary. Once the wedding approached, however, it seemed like my life has kicked into high gear and hasn’t stopped since. I try to break them up into monthly goals because my year can be all over the place so it’s hard for me to predict that far out.

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