Shelly’s Manifest Your Love course is hands-down the most targeted and focused material I have encountered to date for the individual seeking a life fulfilled with love.
The first step to creating the love you want is your commitment to your own transformation. One of the biggest keys to manifestation is learning how to feel what you want to create, before it arrives.
Burning is the most rapid method because the Universe immediately starts manifesting your intention as the despacho is converted from physical matter to energy by the fire.
The specific items for a love despacho include small figurines of a couple—like from the top of a wedding cake.

Manifest Your Love will teach you how to align your internal reality to the reality you want on the outside, which will strongly call it to you. Faith is something we develop when we realize that by aligning to the love within ourselves, the Universe will arrange itself to create what we desire. There are despachos for everything from healing illness to growing good crops, but you need a Love Despacho. Plus, as you continue to create despachos you may notice that they becoming more powerful and are manifesting more fully and quickly. Manifest Your Love will teach you how to connect with who you really are, so you can have a life you love.

Manifest Your Love will guide to create the most loving relationship with yourself that's possible, which will attract a loving, adoring, devoted relationship to you. Manifest Your Love will teach you how to stay focused and committed to the new reality you want to create. Manifest Your Love will show you how to let go of any limiting belief that is holding you back in love.

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