Responsibilities, anticipation for future events, unforeseen circumstances, family, friends, work, school – it all plays into negative and positive stress. What many people do not realize is how in control you can be over how you react to all of the above. Take a moment and allow yourself to live a stress free life because you deserve to do so and can make that happen with a little self evaluation and actualization.
Here are 10 simple tips you can use to make your life stress free.How to Live a Stress Free Life – 10 Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life1.
Take an inventory of events throughout the day that brightened your circumstance or alleviated stress.

To live a stress free life practice verbalizing “Thank You” to people that do large and small things for you in daily circumstances.
You will see the quality of your performance and relationships go up while your stress will go down.4. Home BaseTo live a stress free life, you should give yourself a reality check from time to time. Take life a moment at a time and little by little you can have positive life changes implemented and you’ll be able to live a stress free life on purpose and be proud of it.5. If you want to know more about how to live a stress free life, make sure you hook up with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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