This essay was first published as part of my “book” on my other website and so I must ask for an exemption from my promise of “no politics.” The reference here, however, is brief. After nearly a lifetime of being devoted to what I call “good-natured curmudgeonry” (and no, that is NOT an oxymoron), it’s strangely disconcerting to find that my retired life has left me with little to grumble about – not even good-naturedly. Still, a lot of other places have pleasant climates; it’s just that I’ve never lived in any of them and so I am having to become accustomed to a lot of nice little weather characteristics for the first time.

Because Mary Beth and I were airline people, we did a fair amount of traveling during our working life and so are now more contented than most to just enjoy where we are. But I still refuse to give up my curmudgeonous nature, however the practice of curmudgeonry obviously gets harder by the day because this locality and its circumstances argue so strongly against it.

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