Tinsel, lights, and stories of fat men that sneak into your home while you're sleeping; that's what we call Christmas.
Before a show in MN on Dec 3, Weiland was found unresponsive in the back bedroom of his tour bus.
These songs are even more chilling when you realize that there are men and women who would gladly cheer along as mankind slides backwards towards unimaginable cruelty towards one another. I will be the absolute first to admit, when Deafheaven took the #1 spot in nearly every one of last year's best album countdowns, I simply didn't get it.

Clint Lowery's guitar work is relentlessly hooky, continuing to make this fan glad that he found his way back to the band a few albums ago.
The remaining members of supergroup Tau Cross are going to tax your underground knowledge a bit more. When you can't stand yourself, you don't expect others to be able to stand you either, so eventually, you just don't bother any more. They are working on new tunes and making their way back to the spotlight, but they're not quite ready to let us know who is behind the mic.

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