As he sat huddled in that cold, dark trench with bombs exploding all around him was a young Hungarian soldier thinking to himself, “there must be a better way to live.” But, "how to find peace in the midst of war", that was the question burning in his conscience. Realizing that peace was something that needed to pursued and sought after, my grandfather decided to follow his dream of finding such a place.
I think the story ties in a lot of important concepts into one, the importance of realising one’s purpose in life, and his belief that he can achieve the things he have set in his mind. Instead of filling your brain with all of the things that are going wrong, focus on how far you’ve come to get to where you are now. This entry was posted in Self Improvement, Zen Balance and tagged finding peace, motivational quotes, peace, peace quotes. Interesting to see how many of them were about letting go of the past and future and simply concentrating on today.
Thanks, right now, these peace quotes are so much needed in my life I thought of sharing what I need with others!
However, continually telling him what he should or should not be doing never turns out well.
This was powerful because it allowed me to see how my behaviors were negatively affecting my marriage and to change them.
My guess is it has sounded something like this, “I just want to let you know, John, how selfish you’re being right now. Thanksgiving and Christmas day make that an all-too-stark reality as you wonder how to manage family traditions. Here are some tips for surviving these two special days with an important person gone from your life. Then they, almost proudly, tell me how fed up they had become and let loose and let him have it.

Another important part of finding peace in the city comes from knowing when to remove yourself completely.
The people we associate with have a great determining influence on the level of peace we are able to attain.
I know the feeling … indeed we all need to be reminded that we ave the power to cross the shore of noise and chaos to peace and calm any time we choose. Ask for guidance on how to handle your situation that is different from the pattern or way of thinking that has caused you to feel stuck. She had put so much energy into trying to do the right thing and figuring out how to make her husband change his ways, yet she was dying inside. I understand that you feel you’ve been expressing them already, but you’ll need to take a look at how you’ve been doing this.
Because I’m usually out and about, it hasn’t been a huge issue, but it’s hard to ever feel entirely relaxed and at home in the apartment, let alone to find a time or place to be alone in the city! When I find myself over-planning and keeping constantly busy, it usually means that I’m avoiding being alone…which in turn usually means that being alone is exactly what I need.
It takes lots of exploring and trial and error, but I’ve learned that it is possible to find places that allow me to feel at peace, despite the constant surrounding commotion. One weekend, I was invited to go to the beach with family friends and was able to find peace swimming in the ocean. If you seek it, you can find peace anywhere, and sometimes making time for silence allows peace to actually find you – even in the most chaotic of places.
He began to think about the war and how God, who had created all of us certainly would not condone us killing each other.
I am having share of my life issues at the moment that I feel overwhelm despite trying to live calm and simple life.

No matter how frantic life gets we always have the inexorable right to take command of our mind.
I went on for a while faking contentment and trying to figure out how I could say just the right thing to finally get him to do things differently. Although I love trying new places, I’m a creature of habit and tend to find one place and stick with it – which I did this summer. I went on to compete at East Carolina University on the Track and Field team and after graduating, for the first time in my life, I was not competing at a sport. Admittedly, I never realized how huge the park was until I got here and have been pleasantly surprised by how much space there is to wander.
I still can’t get over how friendly the staff at this coffee shop in particular are and how good the treats and coffee are.
Grandpa had been persistent; he never gave up in his search for his dream—a place of harmony and peace, a place where people lived together and shared all things.
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