Because most still wishes that there’s that one ‘magic pill’ who will magically tighten, toned and make your arms, your tummy and your legs, smaller. Sometimes last year, I fell ‘victim’ and tried one of those ‘magic’ shakes guaranteed to make you lose weights, I’ve heard even some celebrities here are using them. All of these times I thought you’d have to starve yourself, you have to ‘suffer’ to lose those weights. All of us know how important exercise is by now so let’s skip the talk about working out and focus on the fuel aka the food first. I’ve been working out seriously since April 2012, almost a year but it wasn’t until sometimes in July 2012 that I started eating healthy. For almost 10 months I had been trying to loose baby weight by limiting the amount of food I eat, even to a very unhealthy amounts. In order to be fit and skinny, you have to take care yourself through healthy diet and lifestyle. Actually, a lot of my friends at work got shocked to see how much food I haul to work daily.

She said she had stopped eating rice and sugar which is great but she confessed she loves her noodles and meatballs too much.
Noodles are simple carbs, so if we eat them we would feel full so fast but we’ll get hungry again so fast. We’ve known it all before that it takes a lot of self discipline and hard works but I guess we all wants to quick fix. I’ve been going on and off with the eating habits, but seeing your ig posts and blogs kept me motivated to stay on track. I barely cook with salt these days, even if I do it’ll be using sea salt and no sugar or MSG (yes people still use these stuffs here).
So often, when people want to lose weight, they aim for and look for the easiest way to meet their goals. I applaud you for making these changes in your life, and modeling good eating habits for your son.
It sure ain’t easy to change the lifestyle and maintain that habit but seeing how much you progress always makes me feel that somehow I can change to be fit as well.

What I would have is my protein shake mixed with all kinds of adds on such as banana, peanut butter, etc right after my workout then I’d be too tired and just went to bed. It took me years to realize there are NO shortcut, no magic pill…only dedication, hard work and most importantly self discipline.
Let’s not even go to the instant noodles, for we have plenty of them here that sadly it has became part of the culture to eat instant noodles. Losing weight takes a commitment to changing your lifestyle, changing what you eat, changing how you move your body.
I hate sit-ups and crunches, plus with my herniated discs I really am not allowed to do those.

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