Before we get into the process of finding and changing mac address in android mobile phones, I would like out what is Mac Address, how to find mac address in your android mobile and how to change it.
Now moving in to the topic here we are sharing some steps related to How to find and change Mac Address. If you have this question in your mind, I would like to tell, every app you install or the IP assigned to your device is truly based on your MAC address.
This process which we shared may work or may not work depends on the settings kept and the properties of the certain android phone.

Conclusion: The above mentioned methods are dam easy ways to find your mac address and change it in your android mobile.
The process for changing your mac address is clearly mentioned there…better once restart your mobile and let me know. The problems may come in this way that your process which had done seem to be done but the thing is it will show the same old MAC address again and some others may get change. Here the need of enabling MAC filtering option comes for configuring Wi-Fi modem to make it more secure.

Here this will be a temporary approach which if you get your android phone to Airplane Mode or rebooting your device or in the cases of turning off and on again Wi-Fi may cause change in your MAC address to the default value which it have before.
Because whatsapp when activated will be linked to your mobile number followed by mac address.

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