Baggage Reclaim School is a virtual learning resource focused on helping people to live and love with their self-esteem in tow. Written permission is required from the author to include posts in their entirety on your site or in print. After I broke up with an assclown many moons ago, I found myself wondering about getting back with him. You can gloss it over, inflate it with your vision of the great, happy ever after, but in the cold light of day, you cannot ignore the fact that the relationship ended for a reason and if that reason still exists, even if you choose to ignore it, the relationship will fail again. Wanting, wishing, willing for things to be exactly as you imagine them to be is not the best use of your energy.
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It hurts like hell but at least I’m not hanging around waiting who knows how long for things that are totally out of my control to be different. I can only speak for myself and after finding this site and reflecting on my relationships with others (not only men, but family, friends too) one thing rings true over and over again.

But I have learned so much, and now am working hard on building self esteem, setting boundaries, and to stop being overly compassionate which causes me to take on problems of others.
You have to trust your instincts, I think re-read your mail and see that in fact you do know what’s going on. These assclowns don’t get it, they are oblivious to your feelings, and oblivious about giving you the freedom to move on and have a life of your own.
Liked your post about avoiding toxic relationships no matter if they are romantic, platonic or family.
Two and a half months later he calls me out of the blue and leaves a message on my cell, drunk dialling I believe it’s called, to see how I was. Those who have signed up to be notified (including those who have already signed up to be notified about workshops and the online class on self-esteem) will be given first option to enrol at special early bird discounted price for all my courses. And if you sign up to do the Build Your Self Esteem course, there will be a personal feedback opportunity! However, I am not alone in wanting a man and a relationship that’s no good for me and even though I went on to be involved with even more assclowns, one thing that stuck with me is that there is a reason why you broke up.

This is crazy drama he is keeping you in and it will affect your health and your spirit and your self esteem.
However, they need to recognize that something is not working out in their lives, and then desire to change, and put in the work to change. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to go back to the xEUM but i kept reminding myself that he was still the same person and that he hasnt changed. After initial enrolment, signups will be closed although a waiting list will be available and new intakes will be announced periodically. Take the focus off him and however many other women he has in his harem, and put it back on yourself.

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