For all the articles in the news right now, I have to say the theme for women is around confidence. The good news is companies that profit the most financially have more women in leadership positions.
Working too hard for a woman leads to missing the miles stones of life, which leads to guilt. Most of my clients come to me seeking one thing and find it boils down to how they feel about themselves in relationship to work.

We are taught from little girls that our appearance matters, and for a woman, her business suit is more than just a uniform. When you are rested and joyful from taking a break to be with family or friends, you’ll have more energy to give to work. The irony was that even though I knew I had a great set of transferable skills, I often felt woefully inexperienced for some of the jobs.I wish you great success in your new position and freelance work and I hope one day you can realize your your dream of being a tenured professor again.
Part of confidence is being centered in yourself for who you are not for the roles you have in your life.

A great story for many others who are still on the journey and struggling to find their confidence.

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