Following these steps will help you stay on a budget and sleep better at night knowing you have taken the most important step towards achieving your financial goals! Gather as much financial information as possible and include invoices for expenses (such as utilities), bank statements, or any other monthly expense. As your income increases due to annual raises, promotions, and bonuses, think twice before spending it.
There are many programs out there that you can use, such as Quicken or Microsoft Money or others available for free on the internet.

If you are spending less than you earn, and you have debt, it’s time to make a decision to pay down your credit cards. Before you get started, follow the steps below to make sure you get the most accuracy out of your budget. If you are spending more than you earn, it’s time to make some important changes to your budget. When you finish this important exercise, you will know exactly how much money comes in, where your money goes and, most of all, how much is left over each month.

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