Today I want to talk motivation as a follow up to last year’s discussion on How to Manage Stress in the workplace. Too many people choose careers based on the income (which is important as well), but end up in a job that doesn’t make them happy.
Taking a time out to see what other work is out there, will give you fresh ideas and motivation.

I am so glad that I chose to complete an arts degree instead where I can hopefully find a full-time job that makes me excited to go to work every day! From knitting, to web design, to refurbishing antiques – follow your passion and create your dream job. Beyonce herself probably hates her job and doesn’t want to get out of bed from time to time.

Being a VERY self-motivated person myself, I’m whipping out my pompoms to show you how to motivate yourself to do better and get the most out of your job!

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