By creating a schema or story of your desired feelings and outcomes, then visualizing it over and over again with all of the senses, it activates your subconscious. This entry was posted in Low Self Esteem, Positive Thinking, Self Confidence and tagged building confidence, creating confidence, how to be confident, imagery, negitive thinking, positive psychology, positive thinking, tiger woods, vision board, visualization. The reason visual imagery works lies in the fact that when you imagine yourself performing or doing what you want, you are physiologically creating patterns in your brain, just as if you had physical performed the action or had the feeling in the moment.
Br minimizing your irrational thoughts and telling your self each day that you will try your hardest to retrain those negative and irrational thought patterns, we will begin to feel more confident about who we are. The first is to change the negative beliefs because negative beliefs are the root cause of low self confidence. Visualization is intended to train our minds and create the neural patterns in our brain to teach our muscles to do exactly what we want them to do, and our brains to remember how we want to feel.

Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) becomes reprogrammed and it activates your subconscious mind.
Having confidence in yourself and creating powerful images of yourself in situations, acting self-assured, can help you meet your goals in life and build self-esteem. Listen to the following video about why faking it until you make it works when it comes to confidence.Your mind changes simply because of your body.
Don’t Worry About What Others ThinkOn some level, you will always worry a little what others think. When you are focused on being grateful for things in life, you stop being so negative in life. Make Great FriendsThere is nothing like the power of a good friend to boost your confidence levels.

Get Rid Of Shitty FriendsOne of the biggest blows to my confidence in life was my shitty best friend. Thank god I didn’t listen to her!Once I got her out of my life, my confidence increased by at least 4 times. It was amazing the power she had over me.If you have a friend in life who makes you feel bad, break up with that friend!

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