Your third option—and this is the one to take if you're dead set on going all out from start to finish—is alternating your strength and cardio days, Montenegro says. Amping up your metabolism and core temperature in a fasted state can shred bodyfat very quickly.
For guys who take testosterone, you want to keep your testosterone at enough of a dosage to stay anabolic, but not high enough to cause bloating. Here's why: When you start your workout with weights, by the time you get to the treadmill or bike your anaerobic energy systems will already be tapped out, meaning your body will have to resort to burning fat to keep your aerobic system going strong, Montenegro says. When you start cutting your hours and quality of sleep down, it can make it harder to burn fat.

I was wrong, and eventually what happened was I put my body into too much of a catabolic state and the opposite of what I wanted to happen started happening. I don’t care how much protein you eat, when you take away the carbs for too long you will go flat and may find yourself having difficulty doing simple day to day tasks, like driving your car and not killing yourself.
When you are in single digit bodyfat you’re more vulnerable to injury, you are in no doubt already in a state of overtraining, and more isn’t always better in this case.
You need to have an idea of what your maintenance level calorie intake is, then start eating about 500-800 calories a day below that. Then it becomes more of a guessing game of how much aromatase inhibitor to use, how much more cardio to perform, and at what point to drop your testosterone to lose the water weight.

When I finally got smart and decided to do cardio at no more than 3x per week for 30 minutes a session, I started getting better results.

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