Brides start to hunt for their ideal wedding dress almost immediately after the engagement.
She also had another child with another man and gave that child my fiance’s last name. But, if you and your son share a last name, he will be different from the other children in the family, including future children.
You make it sound as if you’re planning to have additional children in your new marriage.
I think the most important thing is that you remain very open to the children’s questions (because they will come up) as to why they all have different last names.
Your children need to understand that you changing your name doesn’t suddenly make you less of their mother. At the same time, your fiance needs to understand that you keeping the same last name as your children won’t make you less of his wife.
Even though I don’t get to see you as often as I may like, I know that my love for you will never change, you are the best thing that could have ever happened to me.
Between the time that I fall asleep and after I wake, the hours in between are occupied with thoughts of you, that is how much I miss you.
However , before you tell your ex girlfriend that you feel that way, you have to bring her back to the stage where she DOES feel the same way.

After all the preparation to find the right day and be the right date, you are all set out with who you think is a fantastic woman. If you decide the marriage is over and wish to start divorce proceedings he or she will have handed you all the proof you need. Most mothers, me included, want to keep their last name the same as their child’s for identity purposes. Of course, you can try to do things that will make everyone happy but, in the end, it should be your and your husband’s decision (and will be your name). The emphasis on this decision needs to be that you’re choosing to do it to have the same last name as your children NOT your ex-spouse.
I agree whole heartedly with the previous comment that changing it to make others happy will undoubtedly lead to resentment.
I Do, Take Two is the most robust resource for expert advice and articles for those planning a second wedding, a second marriage or who are renewing their vows. I however do admit that if this is the only way I get to have you in my life, then it was all worth it in the end. Reading between the lines, however , will help you figure out a better plan so she will be delighted to go out with you again. However more than anything you should have some kind of back up plan in case you do get caught by your spouse.

No matter how much you want to know that your spouse is having a good affair it is important to be safe.
They wait to capture you at your most helpless minute and then they prey on you and pressure you to buy product after item, claiming that all of them are exactly what you have to help your current situation, but they don’ t work. My son and I had the same last name up until a year ago when I changed to my maiden (thinking my ex was going to go along with my son’s name change too) I want my son and myself to have the same last name . There are many other ways you can reassure your kids that you are going to be there for them despite a name change.
My ex husband does not want to sign the papers to change it, but I think I might eventually get to change it. Choose the name you want to use (speak to your future husband about this since I think you should both be on board).

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