Gain Confidence, Build Self Esteem - and fall in Love with Yourself - so you can Attract Healthy Relationships, Happiness, Wellness, and Success. 8 Hour - 1 Day - Private Celebrity Coaching WorkshopUnlock the Secret to Manifesting the Law of Attraction within Your Life.
Join Me for a  Healing Journey of Love, Self-Discovery, Confidence Building, and Positive Attraction. Categories: Trauma Release, Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), Timeline Life Coaching, Confidence, Self Esteem.
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Learn how to Empower Yourself – so you stop the arguments, pain, manipulation, pressure, and stress. Lack of self love is  why you feel inadequate, unable to move forward, and helpless inside.
Self Love empowers you to make better  choices, like choosing healthy relationships and accepting the challenges of great opportunities.

Find love, improve relationships, gain focus, boost efficiency, earn more, and become an all-around better person that Attracts Everything You Want.
1 Detailed Personality Report – Discover the hidden nuances in your personality that determine your purpose, potential, career, health, and destiny. 1 Personal Natal Chart – find out with Astrology signs affect your emotional, mental, behavioral, and love undertones.
1 Relationship Compatibility Report and Consultation- uncover the hidden dynamics of your relationship – what attraction, conflicts, and potential.
1 Personal Astrology Assessment – a healing consultation by Dante Sears Geyer, detailing your personality strengths, weaknesses, issues, emotional undertones,  obstacles, and career aptitude. Self-talk – How  to use The Law of Attraction to edit your language and thoughts to get what you want. Trauma Release Hypnosis – Heal the root cause of your frustrations through Hypnotherapy.
Discovering the Love Within – Restore and Enhance the feeling of love within yourself. Don't Miss it!  This is Your Chance to End Self Sabotage, Find Self Love, Create Healthy Relationships, Learn to Make Better Choices, and Activate the Law of Attraction to create PERSONAL POWER within your Life.

Stop driving away people that love and care about you - and Start Living a life of Purpose, Potential, Prosperity, and Posterity.  Get Ready to Pay it Forward with Kindness, Love, and Attraction.
Now you can attend this life-changing 1 day event Privately -  on your own time schedule - anytime you need a Reset. Gain Inspiration, Motivation, Vitality, Confidence, Excitement, Zest for Life; Define your purpose, and Discover the Joy of Loving Your Self. Receive 3-4 Sampler Size doTERRA 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to Enhance Your Coaching Experience and Deepen Your Transformation.
This healing continues to unfold, develop, and improve your mindset well after your last session.

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