Best Coconut Flour Cookies: Made in a Skillet and So Good for You, You Can Eat Them for Breakfast!
Oh man- I’m feeling like a failure because you have these delicious looking cookies up and it even says they are easy and 5 minutes- now my only problem is I don’t have the ingredients! I bet you could sub in something else, but you’d just have to add extra because coconut flour has so much fiber.

Thanks for sharing, and please let us know how they turn out if you try different flavors or different types of protein. I love this texture–it reminds me of a specific cookie my grandma made when I was a kid.
It’d probably be easy to just stir and adjust as you go—it really does turn out like the texture of regular cookie dough!

This morning, I kept thinking I wanted something bread-y or cake-y, but not pancakes (because then I’d want toppings I want to stay away from right now!)…the idea for the skillet cookies was born!

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