Here's a simple formula for how to declutter your home that anyone can use to find success. When you are learning the process of how to declutter your home I think it is important to set yourself up for success, and this method does this.
The supplies, when used properly, encourage you to take on the task in bite-sized chunks, help you make decisions, and help you finish each decluttering session with positive steps taken, without it looking like a whirlwind has come through your house making it look worse, not better. Often, when we make the decision to clear out the clutter in our homes we want to jump in, head first, taking the plunge.
If you're doing the 15 minute daily decluttering missions that I've got here on the site (see below for more information), I suggest you take 10 minutes to declutter and 5 minutes to clean up afterward! I hesitate to tell you that there is another category which can be helpful, because it can easily backfire on you if you aren't very committed to the decluttering process.
Finally, the last supplies you'll need are items to help you get items out of your home that nobody wants -- trash. If you've already got a home recycling center set up in your home go ahead and make sure any recyclables you find during the decuttering session find there way there. Once you've gathered up your supplies, next you're ready to start your first decluttering session. The first step in the process of actually decluttering is to choose what area of your home you'll remove clutter from during the session.

The key to learning how to declutter your home properly is to actually make decisions about each object as you touch them. Next, walk around your home putting away objects you've placed in the put away box that should go elsewhere. This is just the beginning of the section of this series that discusses how to declutter your home. Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family. If properly applied, with enough time and determination, you too can unclutter your home, and keep it that way.
While enthusiasm can be great, there is a very real concern that you can take on too much too soon, causing your home to feel more cluttered and out of control than when you began.
Finally, the fact that they have lids also allows them to stack easily for temporary storage while waiting to donate or sell items, before you get them out of your home for good.
This will be the first of many sessions you'll have in your home, making small progress, over time with the steps below.
Every day I've assigned a different 15 minute mission, and you can use it to slowly declutter your home one day at a time! Your goal should be to touch each object just once during this portion of the decluttering session.

Some decluttering experts don't even recommend having a "sell" category because there is a tendency for all this stuff to pile up or accumulate over time, in the boxes, becoming clutter all over again. Selling your clutter can, for instance, get you money for a well needed vacation or pay for some home storage solutions that will make your home more pleasant and functional to live in. Now that you've learned the basic steps to take during each session we'll keep discussing strategies for getting started and keeping the momentum going once you've started, or decided to start, since decluttering is not a process that you can accomplish overnight. Join over 150,000 others and get tips, articles and organizing challenges sent directly to your inbox to help you get your house in order. You don't have to actually have a box for the items you'll keep in the room if you don't want, but it helps with the illustration below to know what your choices are. However, if the room it goes in hasn't been decluttered yet, and there is currently no home for it, place it in a corner neatly to work on further once you get to that room.

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