Oats is a healthy way to kick start one’s day and I try to include it in our diet at least 3-4 times a week. A couple of blog readers have been requesting for recipes using oats and I thought it would be a good idea to do a series of Indian oats recipes on similar lines to Chaat recipes that I did two years ago.
Using oats in Indian style recipes can be quite tricky as it tends to have a sticky texture, so its a good idea to dry roast the oats for a few minutes before using it.
Instant Oats Idli is a healthy Indian breakfast recipe with oats, rava, carrot, yogurt and spices. All your oats recipes are very good.Thank you for suggesting these healthy breakfasts-easy to make too.

My memory may be wrong: it couldn’t have been more than a healthy trickle, though a reprehensible one, after all. Some of our walking was less healthy that sophomore year than Outing Club hiking; the fall of 1928 saw the Administration’s capitulation to the Campus cigarette lobby.
I can’t say whether I had an exam that morning, but I do recall the late May flowers and fragrance and our great pleasure when Dunk told us as we assembled for lunch that we were to have a picnic in the garden. I have noticed that hardly any Indian recipes with oats have made it to the blog even though oats are an integral part of our morning breakfast routine. Satish and I prefer our Indian-ized oatmeal avatars – upma, rava dosa, instant rava idli, ponganalu, pongal, uttappam, roti, bisi bele bath and the likes.

I usually dry roast a packet of oats and store it especially for Indian style recipes with oats. I’m kick starting the series with a favorite breakfast of mine, Instant Oats Idli recipe.

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