I’m a health-nut through and through, and a hard-core believer in the phrase ‘anything is possible’. After college, I moved to Hilton Head South Carolina to intern at the Hilton Head Health Institute. The Garage Jiu-Jitsu classes are taken by a PSalliance black belt, Gui Neves, for 90 minutes divided into: warm up, technique and sparring (rolling). Aboutlife also run a cooking school with classes conducted by celebrity chef Zoe Bingley-Pullins.

Events are covered by Aboutlife’s healthy choices catering with a range of fresh, organic locally sourced platters available to cover small or large social gatherings. The organic foods provided by Aboutlife are backed up by their in store naturopaths which are available 7 days a week who are happy to answer any health questions from customers.
They provide an extensive range of fresh groceries, an in store naturopathy service and herbal dispensary, which caters to the health conscious and dietary specific amongst us. Today Aboutlife continues to provide top notch local produce and serve fair trade organic coffee to Sydneysiders.

Zoe is the founder of Nutritional Edge and maintains a philosophy of eating for a better lifestyle.

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