Recently, on my Facebook Page, Mona asked for some recommendations for healthy breakfast cereal. Instead of going straight for the Kellogg Special K or the Cheerios, I am 100 % going to check these cereals out! I am very glad to see another stand in the cereal aisle reading labels, of course I stand in all the aisles reading labels. When you’re faced with morning madness, the easiest path to a healthy breakfast is often a cereal box.
A serving of this cereal provides just about half of the fiber you need for the entire day.
Chriszt advocates looking carefully at nutrition labels to make sure that the grains in the cereals you eat are whole grains, not processed, and that they are at or near the beginning of the ingredients list. Unfrosted wheat bites may strike you as a bit dull, but think of this cereal as an opportunity to build a healthy breakfast.
Kashi GoLean has an unusually high amount of protein for a high-fiber cereal thanks to the addition of soy protein to the mix — a combination that could help you feel full longer.

Barbara’s cereal has no high fructose corn syrup (like frosted shredded wheat does), and is molasses-sweetened which makes it much better for you!
So glad it’s helpful And hopefully it will save you time when you’re in that looong cereal aisle! But when it comes to nutrition, the choices in the cereal aisle don’t stack up evenly. It contains just two ingredients: whole wheat and bran, which makes it a great one to have in your pantry as part of your breakfast rotation.
I like mixing it in with other cereals – it bulks up the bowl without adding a ton of calories. If you want a version with even less sugar, try the Whole Foods 365 Raisin Bran – that cereal has only 8g sugar!
I totally agree that most of the super high fiber cereals are inedible – and honestly 5g fiber + fruit in the morning is a good amount of fiber to start your day. You’ll have to let me know which cereal you end up trying Have fun exploring at the grocery store!

You know you need to skip brands with added chocolate chips, marshmallows, and fake fruity-Os, but picking the best of the best seemingly healthy cereals can be a confusing chore.
Add volume to your healthy breakfast and up the nutrition and flavor with berries, cut or dried fruit, or a small serving of nuts.
If eating a very high-fiber cereal is one of your nutrition goals, start with a lower-fiber cereal and gradually work your way up over the course of a few weeks while increasing fiber at other times during the day. Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day.

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